Aftercare – Roman Blinds

7 Day Service roman blinds are fully lined.  There are two types of blind available; a standard and a waterfall style.  The first pulls up in equal folds whilst the waterfall blind pulls up in graduated folds.

This roman blind complies with BS EN 13120 and is fitted with safety devices and information tags. All components used in the manufacture of this product comply with current child safety legislation.  It is important that the fitting instructions are carefully studied in order that the chain and retainer is fitted securely to the wall in order to comply with this legislation.

The operating clips are designed to deconstruct as a safety measure when a force of 6kg is applied, should this occur they can simply be reconnected by clipping back into the piece retained in the blind.  For more information please refer to our aftercare video or product instructions.

For more information please refer to the fitting instructions supplied in this section.

Roman Blind Fitting Instructions Tensioning Device


Also there is an after care video available on ‘How to fit your roman blind’. Please click the video below


Other Aftercare Videos