Aftercare – Duvets

Our duvets are produced using a 100% cotton case with a mixture of feather and down depending on the product purchased.

To keep a duvet in good condition it should be regularly aired.  This can be done in the summer by hanging on an outside clothesline or in the winter by draping so that the air can circulate all around it

This is a natural product, which may have a slight odour.  This can be reduced by airing the product for at least 48 hours prior to use.  New products may have a stronger odour due to it being inside packaging for a period of time, this will gradually decrease over a period of a few days.  This will also allow the filling loft to recover.

Gentle periodic shaking will improve the air circulation and maximise the downs loft.  Care should be taken not to shake or flip the duvet too vigorously as this could cause the down to migrate.  Should this occur it can be rectified by returning it to Herbert Parkinson via the branch purchased at for the down to be redistributed.  All duvets returned must be freshly laundered in accordance with the care label on the product.

Due to the filling process during manufacturing in order to maintain an even distribution of down always shake your duvet from the side regularly.

It is important never to use dry cleaning products on the duvet, full cleaning instructions are printed on the sewn in care label.

Duvets are washable in a large capacity machine at 40 degrees and ensure that the duvet is tumbled on a hot setting until completely dry to ensure that the down does not cluster and clump.

Placing heavy items on top of the duvet for any length of time will crush and flatten down the filling.

All feathers and down are a by product from the food industry and no birds are ever live plucked.

Please click on the video below for a demonstration on how to care for your natural filled duvet.

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